The Manifesto

The New World Heretics value freedom, beauty, truth, love, and all prime animating forces that inspire human will to godlike creative action – Priscilla Atropine

Romancing the Dominant Paradigm into Ecstatic Submission/Collusion…

We propose to achieve this through a series of Guerilla RItuals, Art Riots, exhibits, and manifestos. The purpose of the Manifestos is to outline a process which inspires collaborative creation of evolving reiterative social, spiritual, and political paradigms of healthy power, creative fulfillment, and loving intimacy. They are calls to create, and to experiment, in an attitude that refuses the influence of the Triumvirate of Misaligned Authority. This triumvirate is embodied by our society’s current standards of Value, Order, and Sacredness (what is holy).

The Manifestos will illuminate and draw these principles further into question, but they are also calls to loving personal discovery, itself being crucial to the process of transmutation of personal identity and of Culture.

“Art Animals” is the first in a proposed series. Like its Alchemical ancestors, the work contains poetic imagery– complex and allegorical– that may resist simple analysis.
This is intentional. This manifesto is comprised of excerpts from a longer work entitled “Liturgy for the Damned” — itself an introduction to & a blueprint for ritual practices that may look strangely familiar to anyone who’s carefully examined the Sacraments of the Church, yet it is inspired by the operations of Esoteric Alchemy. The magickal principles occulted by the sacraments, each one unique, represent ancient psycho-spiritual initiatory technologies designed to move the individual through the process of union with the Absolute, one ritualized principle at a time. Because the individual’s process is a microcosmic reflection of the whole of the community, this process can be perceived, in essence, as a culture-wide soul retrieval. We propose that this system is the same as that proposed by the ancient, initiatory science of Hermeticism and is best experienced through the adoption of the states of mind outlined by Alchemy. Ultimately, this work is intended to undo the rifts created by the dominant ideology over the last ~2,000 years, unlocking the dormant power of the individual and their unique relationship to the Absolute.

The Heretical Work is therefore designed to heal these wounds of separation, reconnecting us to ourSelves, to Spirit, and to our ancestors.

Solve et Coagula