Guerilla Rituals / ART RIOTS

“There is no heresy or no philosophy which is so abhorrent to the Church as a human being.”
― James Joyce

Object of Riot: On Riot Engineering (From ART ANIMALS: A New World Heretic’s Manifesto)
The object of a Riot will always be magickal, that is, intended to invoke change via the Arts of Sublimation (Creative Re-Enchantment) & Surprise. The Riot’s ultimate ploy is Creation– through disruption (the “Market” equivalent of nervous collapse), and may be gleaned at the moment the spiritual and the aesthetic convene to wreak holy havoc on the consciousness of Creator and Observer. Examples of this will include (but are in no way limited to) the guerilla placement of altars and other Sacred Art Objects in public places. (These are items which, by form or function, intimate or elucidate infinitude, and which contain patterns, presences, or energies that are aesthetic distillations of Sacred Mind Objects)…

We are interested in altars and other forms of sacred art as engines of social change, and catalysts for common spiritual experience. The special curiosity and veneration invoked by these sacred objects make them uniquely capable of reframing the way people perceive and interact with Art. When people approach altars they do so with a kind of humility and suspension of expectation that is only reserved for items of a highly personal, spiritual nature. Also, placing them out in the open and in public places allows for a holistic transformation of the setting they’re in, wherein the feelings of sacredness that are afforded to the altar are automatically transferred to its immediate environs. The public park becomes a Cathedral and container for new mysteries, and the children’s playground becomes a temple.


Samhain, 10/31/16
Reed Creek Greenway and adjacent areas
Asheville, NC
~6pm to 8pm

from the evening’s program:

Altars are among the most ancient, sacred places on earth.

Places where darkness is welcome
& business is not,

where our tongues grow idle
but for speaking the Truth.

Altars are where human beings will go
to be alone,

to grieve & to hope,
Ask forgiveness or give thanks.
To be graciously brought in
out of the cold,
to stop running from ourselves
& each other.

They are where people can come together
regardless of sex, creed, or colour,
to make a difference.
Places where something we can’t see,
but can all agree is there,
moves us,
pushes the parts of us that are bent on suffering, flailing,
struggling to be free
out of the way.

Altars are places where we drop the shenanigans
& get down to Gods,
where we come to do spell work, spirit work, still work.
Altars are places where we come to simply Be
&, occasionally, Remember.

Where a moment’s observation

gives the silent, sudden reflection
of an eternity

Welcome to “Altared Spaces.”