New World Heretics

“Common sense will tell us, that the power which hath endeavoured to subdue us, is of all others, the most improper to defend us.” – Thomas Paine

Whenever a questionable aesthetic begins to supplant more diverse, intellectual (or unfashionable) perspectives and attitudes with its myopic epistemology, a movement is unleashed that is intended to inspire the broader culture to move beyond it…

“The Heretics are the new Iconographers, shaping an art movement in the working-class tradition of anarchic spiritual dissent, ala Breyer-P Orridge, Blake and Spare. Essential to their iconic visual and literary works is the sense of a chaotic, visionary life; one that speaks as reverently of madness as it does of spiritual vision. Also central to themes of insanity and ecstasy are allegories containing alchemical, mythical and religious icons juxtaposed with powerful, incendiary indictments of contemporary Western culture.” – D.S. Morgan, author, A Field Guide to Appalachian Nature Spirits & Weird Woodland Creatures

The New World Heretics propose to create a participatory crucible for change that is personal, archetypal, and universal. NWH unabashedly taps traditions of spiritual psychology, political revolution, and aesthetic rebellion, synthesizing all through the playful ritualization of Art and Magick.

Within this crucible there is a place for our creations… let us take it to the streets and public parks– to the digital town square– to any environment in which immersion lends its capacities to the alteration of consciousness. We propose events, happenings, manifestos, blogs, art riots, flashmobs, street art, and poetry stuffed in restaurant menus. The actions of the New World Heretic will henceforth incite and illuminate, empower and embolden, shock and endear.

We invite you, then, to yourSelf

The Permission Statement:

The New World Heretics vision is one of disengagement from disempowering hierarchical religious, political, and economic systems, allowing the birthright of creation to manifest through intercourse with the Absolute, along with the simultaneous development of aesthetic, locally based, resource sufficient, partner-model societies/Art Cabals/Covens.

New Wyrd Apostasy, Asheville – October 2016

Solve et Coagula